Pia Eklund - Author, speaker Photo: Sarah Saverstam

Pia Eklund - Author, speaker Photo: Sarah Saverstam

It started with a blog written under pseudonym that lead to a movement with over 10.000 followers

Pia Eklund wrote during a few years a blog under pseudonym after having digged deep into the subject of abuse in intimate relationships and its health consequences. Information that wasn’t to find in her mother tongue Swedish and therefore she felt the need to share it on a site in her own language to make it accessible for more women. There were many women who identified themselves and their situation in the descriptions and contacted Pia which lead to her starting a support group something that at that time did not exist in her language either. The group grew quickly to several hundred women with almost identical experiences and most importantly how they did not obtain freedom when they left the abuser. The lack of knowledge and understanding for abuse and post separation abuse became painfully clear.

Pia felt something needed to be done and started the movement Vi bryter tystnaden (We break the silence) that today has close to 11.000 followers on Facebook. She also founded Insamlingsstiftelsen Respira (Respira Foundation) to help abused women and their children. (read more about Respira below) 

The book Vi bryter tystnaden (We break the silence) with 12 real lifetime stories from victims and their closed ones was then published in September 2020.

In connection with the publishing of the book Pia Eklund and renowned lawyer Rebecca Lagh were invited to the morning show Nyhetsmorgon lördag. The overwhelmingly positive response that their appearance received afterwards proves that this is a subjects that affects many!

Pia is now starting to do talks and webinars to reach a larger audience with the important questioning about todays current dilemma parents rights vesus childrens rights but also the consequences of violence and other knowledge that she find is lacking.

Insamlingsstiftelsen Respira

In the fall of 2018 Insamlingsstiftelsen Respira was founded with the aim to finance the movement of Vi bryter tystnaden and most importantly to help abused women and their children to be able to leave, heal and rebuild their lives after abuse.

Support Respira, Swish 123 305 50 50 or become a monthly donor!

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Read more here: insamlingssftiftelsenrespira.com

The book Vi bryter tystnaden

Read more about the book and where to purchase it.

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The book – We break the silence

The fall 2018 Pia started the movement ”We break the silence” to give voice for women and children victims of abuse. In September 2020 the book where 12 women and their loved ones opens up about their experiences was published.

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Nyhetsmorgon 5/9 2020

In connection with the publication of the book in September 2020, Pia Eklund and lawyer Rebecca Lagh participated in morning show Nyhetsmorgon Lördag.

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