Nyhetsmorgon 5/9

In connection with the publishing of the book in September 2020 Pia Eklund and renowned lawyer Rebecca Lagh were invited to the morning show Nyhetmorgon Lördag.

The response after the interview was overwhelmingly positive. View the interview here:

The book Vi bryter tystnaden

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The book – We break the silence

The fall 2018 Pia started the movement ”We break the silence” to give voice for women and children victims of abuse. In September 2020 the book where 12 women and their loved ones opens up about their experiences was published.

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Nyhetsmorgon 5/9 2020

In connection with the publication of the book in September 2020, Pia Eklund and lawyer Rebecca Lagh participated in morning show Nyhetsmorgon Lördag.

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