Pia Eklund – Author, speaker Photo: Sarah Saverstam

Pia Eklund – Author, speaker Photo: Sarah Saverstam

Pia creates the talk or webinars that best suits you and your needs.

Pia creates talks to raise awareness, more knowledge about abuse and post separation abuse and inspires for new ways to manage custody cases where there has been abuse. Target audience is for example people working in the field of childcare, schools, health care, social services and court system. But anyone interested is of course more than welcome. 

One out of every four woman in Sweden has been abused by a man – this concerns everyone.

After years having taken part of several hundred of women’s stories of abuse and situations with daily struggle with post separation abuse Pia is sitting on valuable knowledge and experience from reality, take advantage of that!

Sweden is not in the frontline when it comes to protecting women and children from abuse.

Pia is living in Spain and has experienced that their support system for abused women is much more advanced as well as a better approach to custody evaluations and decision in specialized family courts. Her ambition is to inspire decision makers to implement parts of it in Sweden. However she has identified faults in the Spanish system as well that needs to be raised.

Pia can come to you to do the talk live or meet you digitally.

The book Vi bryter tystnaden

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The book – We break the silence

The fall 2018 Pia started the movement ”We break the silence” to give voice for women and children victims of abuse. In September 2020 the book where 12 women and their loved ones opens up about their experiences was published.

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Nyhetsmorgon 5/9 2020

In connection with the publication of the book in September 2020, Pia Eklund and lawyer Rebecca Lagh participated in morning show Nyhetsmorgon Lördag.

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