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In the fall of 2018 Pia started the movement #Vibrytertystnaden (We break the silence) to make a voice for abused women and their children. In September 2020 the book where 12 women and their relative/friend share their story was released.

In the book Pia is also describing the different forms of abuse, the consequences of abuse and share some important advise for both the victim and to those close to her. Psychologist and relationship expert Eva Rusz author of "Är du gift med en psykopat?" (Are you married to a psychopath?) and "Relationspsykopater" (Relationship psycopaths) also participates with a chapter in the book.

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We break the silence

About the abuse and post separation abuse that affects many women and children.

In Sweden one of four women are victims of abuse by a man at some point in their lives. In the fall of 2018 Pia Eklund started the movement #vibrytertystnaden to give voice for the women in her support group for abused women. In a short time the movement had over 10.000 followers.

Twelve women and someone close to them share how they where hovered, trapped, broken down and abused; psychologically, physically, sexual and financially. And how the abuser has continued to stalk, harass and damage them, often with the children as weapons. Too often with support from the court, police and social services who often lack the ability to identity the abuser behind the neat façade.

The book contains advice for victims as well as what family, friends and colleague can do if someone close to them is being abused. Psychologist and relationship expert
Eva Rusz, who created the term "relationspsykopat" (relationship psychopath) is contributing with her expertise in specially written chapter.

About the fear:

"With one foot pressed against the door to make sure it would withstand. I pressed the green telephone symbol several times and listened to the signals. Sometimes someone managed to reply before I hung up. Silently I whispered a prayer for help. But I never dared to continue. I am not sure which fear was the greatest; the fear of him killing me or the fear of what would happen when the police would arrive. "

The invisible violence:

"I did not understand until much later that I was the victim of psychological abuse. I had always associated abuse with punches and bruises, but now I know that the bruises caused in the soul from all the mean words is much harder to heal."

A child’s experience:

"I don't remember why they were fighting or exactly what happened, but I do remember that I saw my father punch my mothers head against the door post in our kitchen and after that putting his hands around her neck as to strangle her. My little brother and I were witnessing this and we screamed out of despair. I remember that I thought my mother was going to die."

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The book – We break the silence

The fall 2018 Pia started the movement ”We break the silence” to give voice for women and children victims of abuse. In September 2020 the book where 12 women and their loved ones opens up about their experiences was published.

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Nyhetsmorgon 5/9 2020

In connection with the publication of the book in September 2020, Pia Eklund and lawyer Rebecca Lagh participated in morning show Nyhetsmorgon Lördag.

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